DESIGNER of many sorts.

graphic. package. magazine. fashion. print. digital. love it all.

but it's what I do...this is who i am.

dog lover. beach goer. coffee drinker. magazine reader. reader in general. illustrator. photographer. explorer. bold. outgoing. spontaneous. jeep driver. but don't expect me to know everything about cars. love bonfires and hot chocolate. love in general. family & friends are everything. messy hairstyles. comfy. converse & nike. fashion. style. style as a mood. attempting to blog. filters. jeans & tshirts. weddings. parties. events. fun. 

I am a creative, inspired visual designer. I have so many passions in life and can see myself doing a number of things with my future and the world of graphic design. What I have loved so much about graphic design in general is that it opens your views up to so many areas of creative expression; I have loved all areas that I have dabbled in.

Motivated. Passionate. Unique. Captivating.

These are several traits that I try to follow in the design world but especially in everyday life. I don't let anything hold me back from becoming who or what I want to become.


Heart and Soul

When I am not designing, I enjoy all things outdoors. I love to run, play soccer, kayak, fish, swim, boat, etc. (almost always with my dog, Toby, my best friend and furry companion). I love being with family and friends whenever I can; they are an incredible, sometimes dysfunctional, support system that always has my back. Fabrics, patterns, antiques, restoration, and decorating are great inspirations and hobbies of mine. Moving from hobby to hobby keeps me on my toes and helps me stay motivated artistically. I'm a loving, bubbly, outgoing person who enjoys movie nights, pizza, and spontaneous adventures.