180º South


In the face of failure, turn 180º and take one step forward. That is progress. In order to go forward sometimes you have to go back. In this case, adventure is an overused word in an overstimulated society. The adventure begins when everything goes wrong, when everything isn't according to plan.


So I landed an amazing opportunity with an amazing company in Atlanta, Kids II, right out of college. The fear of entering into an unsheltered, borderless world is beyond me. I am so excited to get started in the next chapter of my life and can't help but wonder what great things I can achieve. There are so many things I want to do and so many places I want to explore. Going back to Atlanta for the time being seems like the right move for me, here and now. The ability to learn and share what I've learned with outstanding people is something to never take for granted.

I hope, as I enter the working world I can keep a good head on my shoulders and never let my mind, or my heart, get lost in the sea that is the city. The city life may be great for a time but the open, wide spaces is where I am meant for. The occasional break from city lights and traffic will be a necessity. Whether its exploring the Gulf, kayaking through the bays of St. Augustine, or fishing off the coast, a breath of fresh air will always be needed. The heart wants what it wants. And mine wants a coastline.

It's difficult sometimes to see past money, stuff, and technology but when you do the sight is extraordinary. To live in such a simple way can be so freeing. Exploration is a part of me and I hope and plan to make it a large part of the next chapter of my life. Dream big.